Amazon FBA For Beginners 2022 (Step by Step Tutorial)

hey everyone welcome to the channel my name is Nate and in this tutorial, I’m going to be showing you step-by-step
how to sell with amazon fba now quick note here we’re not selling you anything there are no courses there are no pitches you don’t have to worry about us going through here and just telling you to buy our thousand-dollar course look the truth is you don’t have to spend any money in order to learn how to do amazon fba it’s still very much alive and well in 2021 and we’re going to show you everything that you need to know this is a beginner’s guide on amazon fba a pen taking out a piece of paper taking some notes on this video we’ll leave some of the show notes down below but like I said we have nothing here to sell you so just enjoy this uh take some notes and i think it’s gonna be of quite a bit of value for you so let’s

this quite a bit ourselves uh but this is not a get-rich-quick scheme okay this is not something
that tomorrow you’re going to wake up and you’re going to have 10 million dollars from selling products on amazon this is
very much a long process so hopefully if you’re watching this video it’s with my hopes
that maybe you already have a job or you’re already in school you already have something going on and what i want you to do is hopefully
start to do something like this on the side right and start to build it up over time you start to learn from your
experiences and this is the best way to go about this rather than just trying to jump into it full-time right off the bat
but rather build up over time learn from your experiences over time launch one product then launch another
one then launch another one over the course of the next couple of months that’s what we would suggest doing
rather than just hitting it running and just going out and trying to uh make a ton of money within the next couple of weeks it’s
gonna be really difficult to do that and we don’t see you lose your shirt uh by getting in over your head too quickly
okay so let’s start here uh but first of all, let’s just discuss a couple of things that we’re looking at here in the big segments first of all
we’re going to look at how to find products we’re going to talk a little bit more about amazon fba and essentially. i don’t know if you’ve taken any type of economics courses or or studied economics but you’ll know that
you how to find those different types of products there’s a couple of great techniques that we have for that
and then we’ll talk about how to actually source those products right how do we find the products that we can
then go sell how do we find manufacturers should we deal with trading companies should we go straight to the manufacturer how do we get that over to
America or wherever you’re based and so we’ll go over as much as we can in regards to sourcing products
buying those products it sounds pretty scary by maybe ordering pallets of products from some
type of country on the other side of the world but it can actually be a lot easier and simpler once you get the process rolling
so if at any point you feel intimidated by this just know that uh it’s going to take some time okay but
you take one step at a time you start to build this knowledge uh and you really can’t win with this so
let’s start off by understanding fulfilment by amazon fba that’s what it stands for
it’s fulfilment by amazon now this is the most popular route for people who are selling on amazon
meaning that amazon is actually shipping out the packages for you you’re not the one putting those packages in the mail this is what you’ll
see with when people do amazon fba you’ll see this prime option as well so they’re shipping if you want to ship those products out yourself now the pros and cons of each of these it’s important to understand this because with something like fba maybe you’ll save some time and actually you’ll probably end up selling more from our experience selling more when you do fba because you have that prime shipping that’s available in most cases amazon’s shipping it for you so it might end up saving you time as well you don’t have to run to the post office to ship those things out the a lot of cases promoting your product for you the amazon search engine is the largest search engine for shopping in the world so when people want to buy something they go to amazon and amazon can promote this product for you so it’s great to have that on there now fulfillment by merchant just very quickly to run over this it’s probably going to save you some money in fees because you might be able to do this yourself you don’t have to pay all these

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