Best Horror Movies in the world 2022

Best Horror Movies in the world 2022 Hulu is one of the world’s leading streaming platforms. Like any streaming service, Hulu’s collection of thousands of TV shows and movies rotates from month to month. With that in mind, this list is maintained to always guide you to the best horror movies Hulu has to offer.

In 2019, Hulu began streaming its own original movies, starting with the horror comedy Little Monsters (2019). Since then, Hulu has shown a strong dedication to horror and thriller. Additionally, Hulu worked with Blumhouse between 2018 and 2021 to produce 24 television movies under the collective title of Into the Dark. The first section of this article lists the best ten of these Hulu-exclusive films.

Hulu also licenses movies from other providers. The second section in this article collects the best licensed films. The list is updated regularly to ensure each movie is still available to watch.Best Horror Movies in the world 2022

Flesh & Blood Best Horror Movies in the world 2022

Flesh & Blood is a tense thriller about a teenage girl, Kimberly (Diana Silver), who becomes increasingly scared of her own father. Kimberly’s mother (Meredith Salinger) was murdered, and since then Kimberly has developed a severe case of agoraphobia.Best Horror Movies in the world 2022 Kimberly has trouble leaving her house, even when she becomes suspicious that her father, Henry (Dermot Mulroney), may be involved in a series of local murders. The mystery of Flesh & Blood is built well and provides great tension for the movie’s big finale. Best Horror Movies in the world 2022

Pooka! Best Horror Movies in the world 2022

Best Horror Movies in the world 2022 Released just in time for Christmas 2018, Pooka! is about Wilson Clowes (Nyasha Hatendi), an unemployed actor who finds a holiday job working as a mascot for the year’s hottest toy, Pooka. Pooka is a weird, animal-like doll that repeats words spoken to it in a nice voice or a naughty voice. Wilson’s job is to don a Pooka suit and help create excitement for the creepy toy, but the nice/naughty duality of the Pooka costume is beginning to cause Wilson to think about doing some very horrible things.

Lupita Nyong’o stars in the horror comedy Little Monsters as a kindergarten teacher trying to keep a group of children safe from a horde of zombies. The majority of the movie takes place on a farm where Miss Caroline’s (Nyong’o) class is taking a field trip, a farm which just so happens to be next to a US Army training facility where testing on the undead is taking place. Little Monsters is a fun zombie comedy with good gore, plenty of music, and a lot of heart.

Best Horror Movies in the world 2022


Day 2019 episode of the Into the Dark series, Down tells a story of creepy obsession and a fight for survival. Jennifer (Natalie Martinez) is headed home after working late the night before Valentine’s Day, but she gets stuck in an elevator in her office building. Stuck with her is Guy (Matt Lauria), a seemingly nice guy who works on another floor of the building. With everyone else gone for the weekend and no help coming, Jennifer and Guy are forced to make the best of the situation. Something isn’t as it seems though, and the inconvenience of being stuck in an elevator becomes a life-altering ordeal for both of the elevator’s occupants.

Gigi Saul Guerrero directs Culture Shock, an inventive and entertaining film built around the topic of illegal immigration. Marisol is a woman who, in the film’s first act, is doing everything she can to escape the horrific situations of her life south of the border by heading north to the United States. Best Horror Movies in the world 2022

A Nasty Piece of Work

During the Christmas season, Essex invites his employee Ted (Kyle Howard) to his mansion for a gathering. What Ted and his wife Tatum (Angela Sarafyan) discover is that the invitation isn’t for a party, but for a night of psychological games where Essex pits Ted against a rival employee to see how fay they’ll go to advance in the company. Best Horror Movies in the world 2022

Inspired by Pet Appreciation Week, Good Boy is possibly the cutest installment of Hulu’s Into the Dark series. The great Judy Greer plays Maggie, a journalist struggling mightily with her professional and personal lives. At the suggestion of her boss Don (Steve Guttenberg), Maggie adopts a dog as an emotional support animal. Maggie adopts Reuben, and her life starts to turn around. Not coincidentally, people who are mean to Maggie start winding up dead after Reuben enters her life.

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