Blog Topic Ideas latest Types of Blog Posts- That Get Traffic in 2022

Blog Topic Ideas latest Types of Blog Posts

Blog Topic Ideas latest Types of Blog Posts I write blog posts every day. Thinking of new blog topics can be stressful.

You shouldn’t write anything that comes to your mind. Bloggers who do that create generic blog posts rehashed from what’s out there.

Come back to this page when next you want to write a blog post.

It’ll give you lots of new, amazing topic ideas to write about.

Bookmark or save the link to this article because there are 75 types of blog topics that will excite your audience.

1. Tutorials

What is that thing you know that will improve the lives of your readers?

What if you write a tutorial that explains how to perform that skill?

Will it improve their lives?

Think about those essential skills you haven’t taught them. Think about those simple things you know how to do that they don’t.

For example, Ramit Sethi writes about personal finance on his blog, I Will Teach You To Be Rich. He wrote a quick tutorial on how to extra money on the side.

2. Industry News Blog Topic Ideas latest Types of Blog Posts

As a writer and expert, you should always keep up with what’s happening in your industry.

If your readers know the latest happenings in your industry than you do, it’ll be tough to keep them coming back to your blog.

The majority of your readers won’t know what’s going on at a particular time. There is a lot of content to digest on the web.

If you’re aware of a development most of your readers don’t know, write about it on your blog.

3. Current Events in The World

A lot of events happen daily outside your industry. They may not be related to your industry, but some of your readers care about them.

People talk about these events in the pub.

You don’t have to write a full-blown article about these events. But, at least, reference them in your articles and write about the things you learned from these events that relate to your industry.

4. Controversial Issues

There are some ongoing debates in your niche or industry. Don’t be afraid to chime in.

Controversial issues are controversial for some reasons. But, some topics are too controversial.

I like to stay away from topics that are too controversial.

For example, I stay away from politics. It’s too controversial.

A debate like Mac vs. PC isn’t too controversial.

Joining issues like this is a way of telling your readers where you stand on the side of the debate.

5. Turn Checklists into Blog Posts

Checklists are like to-do lists. They contain tasks someone has to do to achieve a goal.

Some sites will offer you a checklist in exchange for your email address.

Checklists are fun. But you can also turn a checklist into a blog post.

List all the tasks that would be in a checklist and elaborate.

Blog Topic Ideas latest Types of Blog PostsBlog Topic Ideas latest Types of Blog Posts

6. Listicles

Listicles are a popular form of content both online and offline. Everyone loves lists.

You can create a listicle on any topic. This article you’re reading is a listicle.

Blog Topic Ideas latest Types of Blog Posts

7. Infographics

Infographics are another form of content people like to consume because they are fun and easier to read.

You can create an infographic with tools like PiktoChart or Canvas, or hire a graphic designer.

Infographics spread on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn because social media users love to share them.

Create an infographic and publish it as a blog post. Write an introduction for your infographic to have some texts on the page.

Blog Topic Ideas latest Types of Blog Posts

8. Case Studies

People love to read the success stories of individuals and companies and know what happened behind the scenes. That’s what case studies do.

Case studies are real-life examples of how you applied your knowledge or used your product or service.

9. Profile Someone

Write a description and an analysis of a thought leader in your industry.

What have you learned from them?

How have they influenced you?

Your readers will love to know.

Blog Topic Ideas latest Types of Blog Posts

10. Interview

People watch and listen to interviews on the TV and radio. Your blog isn’t different.

Interview popular and respected people in your industry. Bring them to your blog and ask them questions your readers care about.

When you interview someone, your audience learns from them.

You can also interview clients and publish it on your website. Circle Surrogacy interviews surrogates, who share their stories with prospects on the blog.

Blog Topic Ideas latest Types of Blog Posts

11. Compile and Write Advice from Experts

This is similar to interviews but different.

In this case, you reach out to some experts and ask them simple questions. You put their answers together, add your own thoughts and turn it into a blog post.

Blog Topic Ideas latest Types of Blog Posts

12. Reviews Blog Topic Ideas latest Types of Blog Posts

What are the products your audience purchases?

Most of these products should be related to your niche.

For example, if you write about SEO, your audience buy SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz.

They’ll like to read your thoughts on these products.

Write the pros and cons of each product and give your recommendation.

For example, Matthew Woodward is a renown digital marketing expert, he reviewed Ahrefs on his blog.

13. Comparison Posts

A comparison post is a type of review where you compare two products that do the same thing.

Instead of reviewing a product alone, you are reviewing and comparing it with another.

Blog Topic Ideas latest Types of Blog PostsBlog Topic Ideas latest Types of Blog Posts

Comparison posts help your audience choose between two strong products that do the same thing.

14. Vlogging

Blog Topic Ideas latest Types of Blog Posts Videos are the best form of content these days. Web users love videos.

If you haven’t started posting videos, I advise you start soon.

By 2019, video will be 80% of the world’s internet traffic. You don’t want to miss out.

Create a video on a topic your audience care about and publish it on your blog.

15. Podcasting

Podcasting is like having your own radio show.

Some web users love to listen to audios because it allows them to multitask. For example, you can listen to a podcast while driving or cooking.

You don’t have to watch or read. All you have to do is listen.

So, it’s easy for your audience to consume podcasts than videos and articles.

16. Create Resources

Compile a list of helpful posts, websites, toolsets, and books, and create a page where you share them with your readers.

Explain why you listed each resource in the list.

17. Problems and Solutions

There are some common problems your audience experience on a daily or weekly basis. Create content that addresses each problem and provides a solution.

The purpose of blogging is to be helpful to your audience. If your content is helpful, visitors will continue to come back.

Create a list of common problems your target audience faces and write articles that present solutions to them. For example, Nielsen Professional Insurance Services, Inc., an insurance agency based in California, New York, and Texas, publish articles that address their customers problems.

After doing that, create a blog post on each problem and solution.

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