Details of prohibited funding received by PTI have come out

Details of the prohibited funding received by the PTI have come out.

PTI received 50, someone from anywhere, 100 dollars, and a maximum of $ 1200. Those who were declared foreign citizens by the Election Commission could not be confirmed that they were foreigners.

The decision prohibited funding based on available records and proven evidence. Under Article Six of Political Parties Rules, a showcase notice is issued to the PTI for seizing funds and why what should confiscate the prohibited funding. In light of the commission’s decision, what can initiate any action under the law?

The most significant funding has been received from Arif Naqvi, although Arif Naqvi is a Pakistani citizen. The biggest issue, in this case, is the Votan Cricket Club’s offshore company used as a banking channel.

The Election Commission, who was declared a foreign citizen, also said that the Scrutiny Committee had also said that they could not confirm whether they were foreign citizens.

All these funds transferred by the PTI itself are declining. More than half of them have their own PTI companies that have transferred the fund to PTI in Pakistan. Transferred

A three-member bench headed by Election Commissioner Alexander Sultan Raja made a “unanimous” decision.

The bench said in its judgment that PTI raised funds from 34 foreigners and businessman Arif Naqvi.

The bench added that the party acknowledged eight accounts while it hid 13.

Essential points of written decision:

According to reporter Mona Khan, a written decision on the prohibited funding case is 68 pages, stating that Bristol Services, PTI, USA, Canada funding, and funding from 34 foreign nationals are not permitted.

In addition, funding from Romita Sethi is illegal for 351 foreign companies.

The written decision further stated that the chairman of PTI’s funding certificates was wrong.

The bench ordered the issuance of notice regarding the seizure of PTI funding, saying that the Election Commission should take steps according to the law. The Election Commission also directed a copy of the decision to be sent to the federal government.

The decision stated that the PTI hid 16 accounts under its leadership. “Not displaying accounts violates Article 17 (3) by PTI.”

From 2008 to 2013, Imran Khan’s certificates are wrong. Imran Khan’s certificate is not compatible with the State Bank record. The issue of prohibited funding falls under Article Six (3) of the Political Parties Order 2002.


The decision also stated that PTI chairman Imran Khan submitted a wrong declaration to the Election Commission.

The case was filed by Akbar Sher Babar (al -Akbar S. Babar), one of the party’s founding members, in November 2014.

He accused the party of receiving funds from foreign companies and nationals through unannounced accounts.

Since 2014, there have been about 200 hearings in the case, while since who filed the lawsuit, the PTI has sought postponement in the hearing 30 times and pointed a six-time case to be heard or out of the Election Commission’s jurisdiction. Bar lawyers change.

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Prohibited Funding Ka Hua Khatma ..
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