Gunner Raj in two provinces? St. One -third of the finish? PTI finish

If the Election Commission has decided by the law, not only will the PTI end, but all its assembly members will be dismissed. Doing so will end the PTI government in the two provinces and will be notified by 27 members of the PTI in the Senate. The PDM will then announce the general election tomorrow or the day before. Imran Niazi may not only be jailed and can also be tried for treason, which can result in death. If Imran Niazi’s treachery medal is decorated on the forehead, then examples of Imran Niazi instead of Mir Jafar will survive in history. A traitor who not only destroyed Pakistan by catching money from India and Israel but also hollowed out its foundations and brought it to the end of the end.
If the Election Commission has evidence before the nation that Imran Niazi has betrayed this nation, then it would not be surprising to put Article 2 on it. As the court was set up for Musharraf, who will also form a special court for Imran Niazi, and if a judge like a dignity Seth sits to decide, he can determine that Imran Niazi was given to the whole nation at D Chowk. To be hanged. The punishment of treason in the country is death. If the Election Commission has evidence that Imran Niazi has betrayed the country and the nation, he must be punished.

Suddenly there was a voice in his ear. Get up. What is spreading? It is late at night. I do not know what you come from outside to eat. You have a strange dream all night. The whole room has poorly spread. Son, leave this stupid intellectual, do something. The PP or the new league will not give you food. If you work hard, you will be worthy.
Oh, my mother! Even if you got up. Now I was about to watch Imran Khan’s execution in a dream. Our thread stutter brother spoke with a relaxed sigh and then shifted the crotch and closed his eyes in the hope that perhaps the incomplete vision was tied to the point where he was broken.
The mother looked at him with hopeless eyes and spoke with great sadness. Nothing can happen to this child PPP’s love has not left him anywhere.

The Home Minister said that in the next two weeks, from March 18 to April 2, the country will be politically going through its most crucial period as the political turmoil will be at its peak, and given the same situation, the Rangers and  -Fallest Persons. A thousand of the C has been called.

He said, “We are saying that we are not going to Sindh House, do not bring the local police groups. The Interior Ministry assures you there will be no action in the Sindh House. ‘

Sheikh Rasheed claimed that ‘the government has long known what his eight, ten members are doing and where they are. Nowadays everyone knows who is. ‘

Sheikh Rasheed made a statement about the implementation of Governor Raj in Sindh when PTI leader Raja Riaz on private TV channels on Thursday, claimed that there were two dozen government MNAs in the Sindh House in Islamabad. –

Who should note that Prime Minister Imran Khan has been accused of horse-trading on the opposition for the past few days and changing loyalties by giving money to the Assembly?

But is this governor’s rule, and if the situation is the governor’s rule? Farhat Javed of BBC Urdu has spoken to constitutional experts in this regard.

At the Same Time, there is a federal Representative Governor in the provinces.

Under Normal Circumstions, The Office Of Governor is Merely Symbolic, While implementing government policies in the provision of the responsibility of the election.

But when the governor’s rule seems, all powers come to the governor for a limited period, and the chief minister and his assembly are powerless.

In the tendon chapter of the constitution of Pakistan, there are two clauses based on which who can rule an Emergency or Governor in the provision. These include articles 232 and 234.

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