How To Make An Affiliate Marketing Blog in 2022

hey everyone my name is mike and in this tutorial i’ll be showing you how to make an affiliate marketing blog this is something i love talking about and i’ve done quite a few times in the past we have countless different websites on all different topics pretty much anything you could think of and it’s a great thing that you can eventually automate hire writers for you so you don’t even have to be a good writer and even more than that you don’t really have to have any kind of prerequisites at all you don’t need any coding any computer background you don’t need a writing background it’s really a great way to get started that has a relatively low barrier of entry so in this tutorial i’ll be showing you first of all how to make the website and like i said don’t worry about the coding there’s no coding at all it’s just drag and drop it’s as easy as really making a powerpoint for that matter and so i’ll show you how to do that a very very easy and effective way and also the way that most people actually do this which is not the way you think most people do it then we’ll get into how to set up the affiliate part of it how to get the affiliates how to get the commissions how to negotiate them and how to have the best rates possible and then of course we’ll talk about how to optimize this and automate things in the long term so that whether that is getting writers for you or maybe you write for yourself regardless we’re going to talk about how to rank better in google how to in the long run like i said essentially get more traffic with less effort overall so there’s a lot to talk about in this video we’re going to start off on my laptop but i want to mention a couple things ahead of time first of all we don’t sell a course at no point in this video i going to cut out or omit any information and tell you to pay for a course we don’t believe in courses we believe in free information and so this video should tell you everything that we think you need to know to build an affiliate marketing blog secondly there is a lot to talk about in this video we’re going to cover a lot of information so i recommend you take out a notebook and start taking notes on this or otherwise if you have like an ipad or another device maybe watch the video on one device and and start building your website next to me side by side so you can follow along the steps there’s also speed controls on here sometimes i do talk a little bit quickly or if you want me to talk faster you can either replay this slower or faster youtube has a little gear icon and you can change the playback speed from there so that’s i think everything i had to talk about before we get started let’s head over to my laptop and get started with the first step here so making this website we like to use a software called wordpress not they are different and this is the way that actually most blogs out there most big blogs actually make their website so a lot of people think that you could go with squarespace or wix or a lot of the quick website builders and while they’re all great when you’re making a larger scale blog not only are they more expensive they’re also generally less scalable so you’re not quite as efficient with making more blog posts you can’t get as many plugins
you can’t get as many integrations and so there is a reason that a lot of people use wordpress not only can it scale and it’s very very affordable as well but it also is very customizable and it’s really not that hard to use i’m going to show you everything you need to know in this video so to get started with this let’s go to hostinger that’s h-o-s-t-i-n-g-e-r hosting here there’s also a link in the top of the description click on that link that’ll bring us all to the same starting point so that should bring us to this page right here don’t worry if the pictures look a little bit different that changes from time to time but on the top you should see something that says hosting so right off the bat a hostinger does host a lot of different software’s out there so wordpress and some other ones as well we want to just work with wordpress if we click on hosting we can go down to wordpress hosting it’s optimized for wordpress and now we can click on start now that’ll bring us down to several different plans here and it can look confusing don’t worry i’ll walk you through it you have four different options and of course the first one is the most affordable the last one is going to be for when you’re a much larger website these prices are also based on paying for more than just a month at a time and i’ll mention exactly what that means in a second but of of all of these i would say the most popular one the wordpress starter is probably the one that makes the most sense for you to do so if we scroll down you’ll see that you do have more storage with this you are able to have more monthly visits with this it does come with a free email so when you’re reaching out to affiliates you can be mike at well you can’t but i am that right now we can also get a free domain with this you have unlimited bandwidth and other things like that these are all going to be very very important but if you’re really on a tight budget the single wordpress website can still get you started so you can definitely don’t feel bad doing that but like i said i recommend going with this one it’s only three dollars a month we’re going to select that and that’ll bring us to ask us essentially how long we want to have this and as i mentioned if you’re paying for four years you’re getting a pretty substantial discount from 1249 a month down to just three dollars a month so i always do at least 24 months if not 48 months so right now there is actually a promotion going on that you can get 2.99 per month for 12 24 or 48 months sometimes that’s only for 48 but like i said i usually recommend going with 48 anyway and as you can see here you don’t actually get the free domain for the first year unless you go with at least 12 months they don’t want to giving a free domain for a whole year when you only pay for one month of the website so let’s go with 48 months for now we’re going to go down and create our wordpress account so i’m just going to type in my email my credit card information and submit the secure payment now that we’ve done that we can just click on start now it’s going to walk us through some of the basics of setting up this website we can skip this if we want it’s just going to kind of make it easier for you in the future but like i said it doesn’t really matter that much i’m going to say i’m creating this for myself i’m building it myself this is going to be a blog and i know what i’m doing this tutorial should hopefully tell you what you need to know so now we’re going to create our wordpress account this is different from our hosting our account remember wordpress is like a microsoft word it’s a software on which the website is being built hostinger is where the website is being hosted it’s kind of easy to remember those with that analogy there and that’s essentially like where the website’s being saved it’s being saved on a server so when somebody logs on to see your website they can go hosting or has their servers online and they can view your website so wordpress is going to be a different account we’re going to make that right now we don’t need to add woocommerce don’t select that and we’re going to say continue do not forget this password you need this to log into your wordpress account and i’m going to go down here and instead of choosing a theme or template they like to show you templates we’re going to choose one later on i’m going to show you how to get one that is really really relevant.

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