How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency in 2022

so in this six part tutorial i’m going to show you step by step how to start and operate and scale a digital marketing agency in 2022 so i am incredibly excited for this video look it’s going to be a little bit longer this isn’t your typical 10 minute quick video i’m really going to go in depth in this video to share with you each one of these six different segments talking about digital marketing agencies and really how to scale them so let’s go ahead and get started with this video now first i’m going to outline each six of these different areas and then we’re going to go in depth from them so the first thing we’re going to talk about here in this video is setting goals and expectations for digital marketing agencies essentially how much money can you make how much time is going to be required what qualifications do you need and then in section number two we’re looking at determining what type of industry you’re going to excel in so there’s tons of different types of marketing and we’re going to help you to decide which type of marketing you would like to focus on at first when getting started then in section number three we’re going to talk about building your online presence and becoming an expert how do you learn how to market this is a pretty serious question that we need to explore and then in part number four we’re looking at identifying your target clients who do we choose to market for who do we decide to pick up as clients do we want high-end clients do we want dentists doctors lawyers there are lots of different ways to go with this and you want to make sure that you’re picking up the right clients for your digital marketing agency then in part number five we talk about building your team do you need to know how to do all of this or can you outsource some of it who do you want to hire do you want to hire family friends there’s just a lot of different ways you can go with that as well that you want to be careful with and then in section number six which is probably my favorite is going to talk about getting your first client and then scaling from there basically talking about growth strategy and how to grow this digital marketing agency from zero dollars today to something that maybe perhaps is making you hundreds of thousands of dollars per month and trust me that is very possible now before we get into each one of these sections you can feel free to skip around if you would like but before we get into each one of these sections i need to make a couple of quick disclaimers first of all i have nothing to sell you here okay there’s no big online course honestly i don’t think you have to pay someone to learn how to scale and operate a digital marketing agency i remember when ty lopez came out with his digital marketing course way back in like 2014 or 2015 i actually took it and you know i thought it was kind of helpful but i don’t think it was really worth the cost that i paid for at the time so i don’t think you have to spend any money to learn how to grow a marketing agency so this truly is the best business for anyone to start you don’t have to have any experience you don’t need a college degree you can be anyone you know me you anybody can do this and so this is why i love digital
marketing agencies as a business to start and i think the best part about this is that there’s really not going to be much money up front that is required to start this maybe you want to have a website maybe you want to have some different types of software but for the most part your costs are going to be very low this is why i like digital marketing agencies over something like an e-commerce business or even like a brick-and-mortar business where you have to get uh like materials and equipment and you have to pay for products and then you have to worry about cash flow with digital marketing agencies you can really bootstrap this from the beginning and there’s just not a lot to lose there besides perhaps maybe your time if you give this a go and you try it for six months and it doesn’t work out worst case scenario you probably learned a lot okay and maybe you didn’t make a lot but you learned a lot that is the absolute worst case scenario from this so let’s get started with this i recommend taking out a pen taking out a piece of paper because we’re going to talk about a ton in this video and as always if you’re not subscribed to this channel already make sure you hit that subscribe button
because we have tons of different marketing videos rolling out on this channel every week okay so let’s go ahead and let’s start with setting our goals and expectations um so there’s a few things first of all before we talk about entity formation and everything else let’s first of all talk about how much money can you make with a digital marketing agency so when my brother and i started hours years ago our goal really was just to pay for college we wanted to just you know you know diversify away from some of our other stuff that we were doing our other businesses and we wanted to just pay for college so we wanted to just make five or ten thousand dollars per month which was you know really a big goal for us um and i would say that with digital marketing agencies look you’re not gonna make a hundred thousand dollars next month unless you’re like smarter than einstein you’re not gonna make a hundred thousand dollars next month but i can tell you this that if you really put your effort into it i believe that anyone within 90 days can be making 10 000 per month with a digital marketing agency and i’m gonna lay that out with like the blueprint here today in this video of course all of this being free okay so how much money can you make with it i think on the lower end you can make a few thousand dollars per month if you want to just do this passively like keeping your day job or staying in school but then also running some marketing for a couple of brands picking up a few clients getting them on retainer we’ll talk about pricing structure later in this video as well but i think from the lower end you can make a few thousand dollars per month and i’ve seen people make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month with their digital marketing agencies now we make five figures monthly with our agency and we decided to keep it at a certain level where we have pretty much all of it outsourced we have people running it and i don’t have to really do much today because i don’t want to scale that agency past it but you know that’s another topic for another day as well but you can get it up to something that’s making you maybe 20 30 40 50 000 per month and then eventually automate it um so that it’s just making you money while you go and work on other business ventures or just go on vacation and have fun that’s also possible and we’ve done

that okay so getting deeper into this topic of setting goals and expectations you need to think about who is going to
be in this business is it just you who’s starting this digital marketing agency maybe perhaps you’ve been talking about
this with a friend of yours or a colleague or maybe one of your siblings or somebody in your
family i’m going to give you just a couple quick pointers here when it comes to starting businesses because i have
dozens of companies it’s just kind of like a big mess right now but i’ve dozens of companies i can tell you this
that you want to be really careful starting a business with a friend because i’ve seen businesses really
break up friendships and you can be both on the same page at first but over time as you run a business it kind of just
changes dynamics and friendships and so i would actually recommend against starting a business with a friend
especially a really close friend because i’ve just seen it so many times where your friendship ends up getting ruined
because of the business it just happens time and time and time again that i’ve seen um so you know i started my
business with my brother and pretty much all my businesses i start with my brother because i can trust him we’re on the same page with everything i know
we’re not going to cross each other that’s just personal but just be very very selective of who you start a
business with and who’s essentially getting equity in that business if you do a 50 50 split on a business with your
business partner and two years from now you realize hey i’m doing all the work my business partner doesn’t do anything
and they’re getting half the money and you might be really kind of upset about that but you know if they own half the business they get half the money so you
want to just be really really selective on that and i personally think that it’s best to either keep the business 100 to
yourself or maybe bring in one other person but don’t try to have like eight
of your friends all starting the same business together it’s just going to get really messy the fewer people the better
you want to retain as much equity as possible in the business if you want to bring other people on you can bring them on sort of as like
like consultants or freelancers but try to retain as much equity of the business
as possible and you know we’ll talk about entity formation here right now in this point as well so when you are starting a
company like a digital marketing agency you’re going to probably want to form something called a limited liability
company this is an llc now i’m not a lawyer just a guy on the internet so make sure you do your own research on
this but typically we like to start limited liability companies instead of
just using our personal name uh when we are running a business especially something like a digital marketing
agency there’s really two reasons for this one for tax reasons and two because
in the com in the company there limited liability company it’s actually going to in some cases hopefully defer liability
to the company so let’s say that you’re running a marketing campaign for a business the campaign goes terribly
wrong that company ends up getting sued because of some marketing mistake that you made and then that company tries to
sue you well if you’re running this through your business you should be somewhat okay because they can sue the
business and maybe the business will go down but they can’t come after your personal assets and your personal bank
account and of course you need to really dig into this because there are you know holes you can like poke in corporate veils but you’re going to want to create
a limited liability company or perhaps a corporation so the best way to do this is through a company called ink file
they’re an affiliate here so this is how I’m just funding this video if you want to go check them out and you want to start your LLC i recommend going

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