Latest ideas of blogging in 2022-how to write a best blog

 Share What Others Are Saying

Latest ideas of blogging in 2022 I’m a big fan of Twitter. Twitter is the home of web conversations.

It’s easy to start and join an ongoing discussion on Twitter.

What are people in your industry saying on Twitter?

You can turn that into a blog post.

Doing this helps your readers know the current discussions in your niche.

Latest ideas of blogging in 2022

Share What Happens Behind the Scenes

Your audience would love to know what happens behind the scenes in your business. What are your processes?

How do you start your day?

How do you hire and fire employees?

Where do you get inspiration?

How’s your workplace like?

Taking your audience behind the scenes of what happens in your business makes them feel more connected to your brand.

Write a post about the latest happenings inside your company.

For example, Digiboost, a marketing agency based in San Antonio, Texas share updates of what’s happening in the company.

Write Inspirational Stories Latest ideas of blogging in 2022

Inspiration sells. People love to read success stories.

Sarah Titus wrote about how she’s making $10,000 per month from her blog. That’s inspirational.

Sarah shared her story with her readers. You can do the same thing.

The personal development industry is worth $9.9 billion according to Market Research.

It’s expected to grow 5.6% per year till 2022. By then, it’ll be worth $13.2 billion.

Parody Posts

If you’re an active Twitter user, you’ve probably come across some parody accounts. Parody means it’s fake and funny.

Let’s remove the fake part of it and talk about the funny part.

Look for posts that are trending in your niche and make a parody post. Inject some humor into it.

Funny Posts

Funny posts are different from parody posts. With a parody post, you take a popular post and try to rewrite it by adding some humor into the points.

Your goal is to make the original author’s points more fun to read.

In funny posts, you write purely for fun. You’re not rewriting anyone’s views.


You can publish a quiz on your blog and add some points to it to make the post longer.

Quizzes are popular among web users. Quizzes will make your audience look smart.

Surveys and Polls

Surveys and Polls are similar to quizzes but different.

Quizzes are fun. Surveys and polls a little bit more serious. You get some insights from surveys and polls.

The purpose of conducting a survey or polling is to get insights from your audience. Quizzes? Not so much.

You can get an idea for a blog post or product feature when you run a survey on your blog.

Local News

Write about the interesting events that are happening in your area.

You can write about anything.

Maybe, it’s a business that takes care of its customers. Or, a dog that plays with its owner.

Write about something cool in your area and connect it with topics that are relevant to your audience.

Presentations and SlideShares

SlideShare is a platform where you can share presentations online.

Create an entertaining presentation and post it on SlideShare. The SlideShare platform can spread it to 70 million users on its platform.

You can embed a presentation on SlideShare on your blog. That’s easy to do.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the common questions your audience asks?

You can compile them into a giant article or a series of articles and share them on your blog.

Latest ideas of blogging in 2022

Popular Twitter Posts in Your Niche

You have to be very active and follow all the important people in your niche for this to work.

What you’ll do is compile all the popular Twitter posts of these influencers you follow and turn it into a blog post. Make sure you include your thoughts to make the post unique.

Latest ideas of blogging in 2022

Latest ideas of blogging in 2022

Contests Latest ideas of blogging in 2022

I recommend you run a contest on a regular basis on your blog. Ensure that the reward is worthwhile for readers to be part of the contest.

Doing this keeps your audience engaged with your brand.

Latest ideas of blogging in 2022

Create a blog post to talk up the reward. At the end of the contest, share a post about the eventual winner.

Screencasts Latest ideas of blogging in 2022

A screencast is a recording of a walkthrough on your computer. It’s showing your screen so that your audience can see what you’re doing.

Screencasts are popular for video tutorials.

You can do a screencast to demonstrate a feature of your product or show your audience how to perform a particular computer skill.

I’m a big fan of screencasts.

Camtasia is my favorite tool for making screencasts.

Time-Saving Post Latest ideas of blogging in 2022

As you know “time is money.” We all want to save time.

Latest ideas of blogging in 2022

Recognize the areas of your readers’ lives where they’ll want to save some time. Of course, the blog post should relate to your niche.

For example, if most of your readers send cold email, you can teach them how to save some time using an email marketing automation tool.

Make Funny Videos

Like funny articles, you can also make funny videos.

Funny videos are easier and funnier to watch than articles. Perhaps, most of your readers watch comedy on TV and YouTube.

You can post your video on YouTube and embed it on your blog

Latest ideas of blogging in 2022

Conferences Posts

If you attend a lot of industry conferences as some people do, you can write about it on your blog.

Attending a conference is an experience for you. Your audience should experience the conference too.

Write about the speakers and their speeches. Write about what you learned at the conference.

. Event Summaries

An event is more than just a conference. It can be a meet-up. It can also be a conference where you were invited to speak.

Write a post summarizing the event.

Top Take-Aways From Whatever

What are the things you learned from an online course, book, event, or an experience?

Write about it on your blog.

Not long ago, I finished reading the Lean Startup book by Eric Ries. I took away a lot of valuable points about product development. The book was an eye-opener for me.

I could write a blog post about the main points in the book and the audience of the GrowthFunnel blog will find it helpful.

Thoughts Posts

What have you been thinking lately that’s related to your niche and audience.

Write about it.

As long as they are helpful thoughts, you can create a blog post about the Rants

Rants are different from thoughts posts.

Latest ideas of blogging in 2022

In rant posts, you share your frustration about a particular process or company. Your frustration should be something your audience can relate to.

Make sure you don’t cross the line when you write your frustrations. Whatever you publish on the internet stays online forever.

For example, Mark Schaefer recently published a post titled “I’ve been hacked, impersonated, and scammed. Time to fight back.”

All he did is share his frustration with his readers.

Pop-Culture Commentary

Your readers are seeing the same movie trailers that are generating a lot of buzz on TV and radio.

There’s nothing wrong with chiming in once in a while.

Maybe you’ve seen the movie everyone is talking about, write about what you learned from it in relation to your niche.Latest ideas of blogging in 2022Latest ideas of blogging in 2022

That’s something your readers will definitely want to read.

Beginner Guides

You were once a beginner at what you’re good at today. We all go through the beginners’ phase when learning a new skill. Your readers aren’t an exception.

What’s the popular skill your readers will want to learn?

Write a beginner guide for it.

For example, Moz created a beginner guide to social media. Most of their customers want to learn how to use social media effectively for marketing.

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