Make $30/HOUR Doing Online Transcription Jobs From Home Worldwide (Part 1)

did you know that you can make good money online by just writing stuff on your computer and no I don’t mean being a content writer or a freelance writer or even writing a book none of those things I’m talking about being a transcriptionist now what transcription is for those of you who don’t know how it works well there are a bunch of transcription companies out here they’re trying to connect you with other people who are trying to get their video or audio transcribed into text and so what they’ll do is that they’ll send over to you that video or text that they
want to be transcribed then it’s your responsibility of the transcriptionist to type up what you hear and what they say and send it back to them and obviously this is exactly how you make money in the end with a transcription company paying you out for your hard work I’ve read that there’s some pro transcriptionists out there that aremaking upwards of 300

a week doing transcription jobs on some of these websites and the great thing about these transcription jobs is that
a lot of them are accepting people internationally as long as you can speak English and chances are if you’re watching this English-speaking video I’m pretty sure you can speak English some other great things are that these jobs are jobs that you can do working from the home you just need a laptop typing this stuff up you also don’t have to interact with anyone at all you don’t have to get into a stupid zoom call with a boss or anything like that you also don’t need much experience or skill just mostly English comprehension and a reasonable amount of typing speed and my favourite pro of transcribing is that you can work at your own pace, you’re not on a schedule or anything so you don’t have to check in or check out of work now trying to capture the audience of people who want to get their stuff
transcribed and captioned and they’re charging people one dollar and fifty cents per minute now this is a really fantastic rate to get for a transcriptionist to earn but of course you’re not going to get exactly one dollar fifty cents per minute of transcribing let’s see how much you’ll be getting from the rep so if you scroll down to the bottom of the page it’s going to be a little tricky to find but let’s go all the way to the bottom and you can see that you can become a freelancer by going all the way to the bottom and clicking this become a freelancer button so click on this and here’s where it should show you where you can actually sign up to get paid to work for these guys as you can see as I mentioned before they’re highlighting being able to create your flexible work schedule which is something that i mentioned earlier where you’re working at your own pace and you don’t have a schedule or anything and you don’t have to clock in and out of work so I love that they highlighted it here they also mentioned that you get paid weekly and you get paid out in PayPal too which is good enough for me, you can sign up right here but if we keep scrolling down further, we can see that over here we can check out how much range of pay we’re going to be getting for working these jobs as a transcriptionist we can earn from 30 cents to one dollar and 10 cents per audio slash video minute that you transcribe let’s do some quick math over here on the high end of pay for one dollar and 10 cents if you’re fairly slow at transcribing and you can only transcribe for about 10 minutes while working for 60 minutes means your hourly rate of pay will be about 10 to 11 dollars an hour which is fairly reasonable but if you get better and better at transcribing eventually you might be able to hit around 15 to 20 minutes of transcribed audio or video per 60 minutes that you worked and at this level of skill you can be earning around 16 an hour or more which is fantastic you can check out over here that the lower end of the captioner pays a little bit higher specifically, because they’re asking a a little bit more of you like for example you need to be able to convey sounds and sync audio with video as well so let’s talk about some pros and cons for like I mentioned earlier they payout in Paypal but they only payout in PayPal which can be a very big con for a lot of people out here and I’ve also heard from many people that are

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